All dolled up

Stacy Leigh is a photographer working in New York. For the past 6 years she has been working on the series Life Size Silicon Dolls: A Series after picking up her first doll in 2006. She now has over 25 dolls and has begun to construct various sets and scenes with them. For me the most interesting images are those that place the dolls outside the sexual purpose for which they were designed. I find this creates an interesting confusion and tension in the work.

I love this work as it seems to be coming from the other direction to what the fashion and celebrity magazine in particular and western culture generally are moving towards. Here we have and idea of “perfection” attempting to replace or be confused with real people while everything else seems to be moving towards the false perfection offered by the dolls. Noting the position occupied by this work in relation to the uncanny valley, Ms. Leigh notes:

“for me, the dolls represent the cumulation of the internet and popular culture and our subsequent objectification of the human form.”

In some ways this leads to the question of whether we will need models at all or whether we will be replaced with our own visions of the perfect reality. In connection to this work I watched a short documentary on Matt McMullen and his company Real Doll. Made by  Drea Cooper & Zackary Canepari the documentary is an fascinating interview with Mr. McMullen about how he got started in this line of work and what he considers the next step in the evolution of this industry. You can see the documentary below. Strangely enough this story comes full circle as Ms. Leigh does the product photography for Real Doll which I found out only after visiting their site.

The world seems to be an ever increasingly small place…

To see more of Stacy Leigh’s work you can visit her website here:

Honey Pie from California is a place. on Vimeo.