Under a white blanket

Rob Branigan

This being the hight of summer where I am I find myself having difficulty remembering the feeling of cold and of snow. It seems like now every season brings something different. Not just different from the season before but different from its last visit. Winters get colder, warmer, wetter with more snow or no snow or just green. The strangeness of England covered in a blanket of white appears to have ignited the interest of Rob Branigan who has produced these images from the unusual though now more common sight of a landscape more frequently encountered in parts of Canada then the warmer climes of southern Britain.

While the debate rages on about if or why or what is happening I also feel compelled to note that as new records are now constantly being set for weather related occurrences a set of dice rolled will occasionally equal 12, but when 12 comes up again and again and again, its a sign….

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