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I love Star Trek fans. Photographer Winnie Au is a New York photographer originally from Rockford Illinois. Her work focuses on portraiture of both humans and dogs. In this series she has focused on a Star Trek convention. Here she has photographed people who enjoy inhabiting a future created over 50 years ago. The amazing

What I love about this series of photographs is candour of the people in them. Ms. Au has captured these people in a simple yet honest setting complete with false walls and industrial patterned carpet yet the dedication of these people to creating their costumes seems to separate or elevate them from the humdrum world they find themselves in.

I like watching Star Trek but it is the expression of other fans love for the ideas and ideals in the show is for me uplifting. It is amazing how this show has become a beacon for the idea of a more hopeful future for humans. Contrast this is all other stories we have been telling ourselves through television or games or books. How many of them contain this message of hope and possibility? If one excepts that science fiction speaks to our ideas and ideals about and for the future then there is a breathtaking lack of hope in there being one. All major science fiction shows and most books and many many video games now take it as granted that we will have a desolate future where we will count us lucky just to survive. Filling the screens and the shelves is a smorgasbord of nihilism, almost a sense of collective revelry, in the possibility of human extinction.

Contrasted to the world in what feels like a constant state of crisis and with few believable stories of hope or promise of possibility it is a wonder that people hold so tightly and cherish such a positive and almost ecstatic outlook of the future. So, for being the final social optimists and keeping their eyes fixed on a dream of a better tomorrow Star Trek fans are a final social bulwark against a dark and depressed belief in tomorrow. Encompassing the hope of those who love the show in all its incantations:

Live long and prosper….

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