Old Warriors

Konstantine Suslov is a UK based photographer recently graduated from Middlesex University in London. This series titles ‘WW2 Veterans’ was started as a final project. At the time it was the 65th anniversary of the end of the war.

What I like about this series is while its really simple in concept the execution is excellent. Mr. Suslov has an excellent eye for portraits and these images are a testament to this. The simple lighting and often colourful setting really help to compliment the intimacy that these images produce.

Mr. Suslov’s work demonstrates that a simple idea can still captivate and intrigue. His work pays great respect to his subjects and definitely succeeded in his goal of conveying dignity and honour to the veterans he photographed in this series.

The one note I will add is I was able to fine names for some of the people photographed for this series. Unfortunately the names of many of the subjects I could not find as they are not listed in Mr. Suslov’s website which I think is a bit of a shame.

To see more of Mr Suslov’s work visit his website at: