Inside the Box

Maybe I’ll get faster once I start posting more but so far, I just can’t seem to post as quickly as my counterparts.  I find downloading and uploading images and sitting in front of a computer a chore too much like my “old life” in commercial photography.  This “digital” world we live in both frustrates and inspires me.  Perhaps that is why my interest is peaked by the old techniques.  One can’t get much more “historical” than a camera obscura, which is what brought me to Abelardo Morell and his “Magic Photos of Camera Obscura.”  (National Geographic tagline, May 2011)

Of course, National Geographic is one of the world’s best magazines for print quaility of it’s images – it’s no surprise that his full colour camera obscura and tent camera images jump off the pages.   It was a nice juxtaposition to be returned to the magic of photography.  To be taken back inside the box.

Other works found on his website are very indicative of someone who has studied (or teaches) photography darkroom.  There is an inherent process and “time well spent” feel to his work, which is refreshing in this digital age of photographing every thing you see and calling it art.